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1 Timothy 1:12-17 051924

May 19, 2024    David Clark

Good morning CCG,

We are heading back into the Book of 1st Timothy. 

Our focus from the text is going to be on the amazing power of grace. Paul is going to walk us through how he has not always been the model picture of a selfless Saint. At one time in his life, Paul was a blasphemer, persecutor, and an insolent opponent of Christianity. But His great mercy and patience extended grace to Paul and his whole life changed. 

Paul still struggled with sin and temptation after his conversion, just like we all do. However, he never forgot his origin story. He never forgot how amazing the grace of God is. 

Paul's transparency would have been such an encouragement to Timothy who was facing persecution, was dealing with false teachers in the church, was struggling to overcome his timid nature, and maybe he thought that he could never live up to the previous minister that was there in Ephesus before him-Paul. Those were some big sandals to fill, and maybe Timothy needed to be reminded that Paul was not perfect. That Paul's past was a jaded one of sin and blasphemy. Maybe he just needed to be reminded of the amazing grace of God to encourage him to stand fast in Ephesus and rely on the strength of the Lord. 

If you are struggling with shame and guilt, and unforgiveness from past sins, Paul has some words to share with you on Sunday. Your past does not define who you are. As a Christian, you have a new identity in Christ, and you can let go of your past sins. You can find forgiveness in Christ, and you can forgive yourself because you have received the amazing grace of God that has taken every last sin away.  

I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday morning at 10 AM.