Philippians 3:1-6

Feb 4, 2024    David Clark

In our text we will see Paul reminding us all to rejoice in the Lord. I know some may think that being joyful is not always possible, especially when you are facing hardships and difficulties that come with this life. Paul's exhortation to rejoice in the Lord is not a call to simply be joyful, but to be joyful in the Lord. Being joyful in the Lord has nothing to do with being happy about our circumstances, but instead it is a call to be joyful in the Lord despite our circumstances.

Paul will then write to the Philippians, and us, to be careful of joy stealers. These are the folks that will come in and try to distract us from focusing on the Lord, those that would try to get us to focus on circumstances and not our Lord. Paul will specifically be writing about the Judiazers, those legalists that were trying to add to the finished work of Christ on the cross.

The Judiazers were going around saying that a person can not truly be a Christian unless they follow the law, be circumcised, observe the Jewish customs, and holidays. Paul will address these legalists that thought certain deeds and pedigrees were required for salvation, by sharing his own pedigree. He will let them know that it is not your background or deeds that saves you. It is what has already been done for us on the cross.