Philippians 4:1-5

Mar 3, 2024    David Clark

This morning we will be starting the 4th and last Chapter in the Book of Philippians. This is probably the most well-known chapter containing the most familiar, and memorized text of the Book. Once we are finished with our study in the morning, we will partake of Communion together as a family.

In our text we are going to read about the fight between Euodia and Synchtye. I know GASP, the early church had disagreements amongst the members? Yep, and apparently this one had gotten big enough to get Paul involved. 

Paul is going to try to help resolve this issue by entreating the two women to agree "in the Lord". He is also going to ask that others help them in coming to an agreement and squashing the dispute. Paul's request gets to the heart of why we often have disputes. We get so focused on getting our own way, being equitable, being right that we often forget the main focus of why we are here. By agreeing "in the Lord", they start with a common foundation of existing agreement. Verses, starting from a place of shaky ground and selfish ambition.

Paul will close the chapter by telling them to "rejoice in the Lord always". When we are "in the Lord" we always have reason to rejoice, no matter what circumstances or hardships, or disagreements we may face. The tough part is remembering that we are to always be "in the Lord".