Philippians 031024

Mar 10, 2024    David Clark

This morning we are heading back into the Book of Philippians. We will be looking at just two verses from the 4th Chapter, but they are such important verses.

Have you ever had someone tell you to not worry about something? How useful is that advice? It is like having a headache and someone telling you to stop having a headache. It doesn't work that way.

Tomorrow morning we are going to be talking about worry and anxiety. Which are things that each of us experienced at one time or another.  Worry and anxiety has become a way of life for some, and the rates of anxiety disorders in our country have skyrocketed. Even young kids and high schoolers are experiencing anxiety at an amazing rate.

Paul, tomorrow morning will give us the solution for anxiety. He is not just going to say "stop worrying", he is going to give us the cure. The cure is found in our communications with our Lord. 

When we are actively communicating with the Lord, in a genuine and transparent way, he will provide a peace that surpasses all understanding.

********Remember to move your clocks forward an hour******

******There will be no bible study this Wednesday night******