Philippians 4:10-13

Apr 7, 2024    David Clark

This morning we are heading back into the Book of Philippians. We are heading down the home stretch when it comes to the Book of Philippians and should be finished before the end of April. After the sermon, we will take communion together as family.

Have you ever met anyone that is constantly complaining? Someone that never seems to be satisfied and always seems to find a reason to be unhappy. Maybe it is someone that bounces from relationship to relationship, from job to job, or even from church to church. 

Paul is going to be giving us the secret sauce to how to keep from being pessimistic. To keep from constantly complaining and never being satisfied with what we have. Paul had seen a lot of trials and suffering in his life, and through it all he learned the secret to remaining joyful and satisfied. His secret was to be content with whatever came his way. To trust in the Lord and to realize that He will see him through no matter what life throws at him.

Being content with what we have solves so many problems. It can truly change our outlook and demeanor. If we learn, take to heart, and apply this truth from Paul, our lives can be so much more fulfilling.