Philippians 2:19-30

Jan 28, 2024    David Clark

Have you ever wondered why you're friends with the people you are friends with?

Sometimes it's circumstances that brought you together, sometimes it is a mutual friendship that has brought the other person into your circle of friends. Sometimes it is simply geography that brings people into our lives.

This morning Paul is going to introduce us to two of his friends that helped him during his imprisonment. Being in prison for two years chained to a guard was no fun, but Paul got by with a little help from his friends.

Paul is going to point out some attributes of these two men that made them such great friends to Paul. Attributes that we should use to not only to look for in selecting our own friends, but also to emulate to be a good friend to others.

As the old saying goes: "If you want a friend, you have to be a friend". Paul will help us to look at some ways that we can be a better friend to others.