Philippians 1 111223

Nov 12, 2023    David Clark

Today we are starting a new Book in the Bible. We are heading back into the Epistles of Paul, and will be looking at the Book of Philippians.

Philippians is the "Joy Epistle". The word "joy", or one of its forms, is found 16 times in just 4 chapters. Paul is going to remind us in this Book that joy is not situational. Joy is something that comes to the Christian because of the unchanging hope we have within us.

In this world filled with angry, stressed out, depressed, and bitter folks, we as Christians are to be the exception. A light in a world of darkness, hopelessness, confusion, and chaos.

As we will see in this Book, Paul did not live an easy Christian life. Paul was persecuted unmercilessly throughout his Christian walk. Yet, Paul maintained a joy because of the hope that was in him. He knew that his eternity was secure. He knew that the light momentary affliction he faced in this world was nothing compared to the glory he would experience in Heaven. He knew that his joy in the face of extreme persecution, would be an example to other Christians of how joy can not be taken away by others, only given away by himself.