Joshua 5&6 070523

Jul 5, 2023    David Clark

Today we are going to be back in the Book of Joshua. We will be studying the 5th chapter and dipping our toes into the 6th Chapter.

The Isrelites were on a spiritual high. They just crossed the Jordan and watched how the Lord miraculously held the water at bay as they walked on dry land across the river banks to the other side.

They were now staring at Jericho, which would be around 2 miles from Gilgal, where they would camp. However, instead of getting all the equipment prepped and ready for war. The Lord tells Joshua to have all the males circumcised first. That's a great way to take the excitement and adrenaline away from the men who were ready to go to war.

After the circumcision, the Lord told Joshua to go to the plains of Jericho, a pretty vulnerable spot for the Israelites right out in the open, and celebrate Passover.

Next we will see Joshua have an encounter with a man who meets Joshua with His sword drawn. We will see that this would not just be some man, but a man Who identifies Himself as the Commander of the Lord's Army. Many scholars believe that this was a Christophany. An appearance by Jesus Himself in the Old Testament.

We will close out by hearing the plan of attack by the Lord to overthrow Jericho. This attack would be anything but normal. It was a plan that would truly put the Israelites faith to the test.