2 Chronicles 19-21

Jan 24, 2024    David Clark

Tonight, we are heading back into 2 Chronicles. We are going to be starting with the 19th Chapter. 

Last week we ended with King Jehoshaphat making an alliance with King Ahab and going to war with Syria. It did not end well, and King Jehoshaphat barely escaped with his life.

Tonight, we are going to see king Jehoshaphat being rebuked by a prophet for making an alliance with the wicked King Ahab. After that, Jehoshaphat is going to get back on track and start making additional reforms to get Judah back to only worshipping the Lord. 

As King Jehoshaphat makes reforms, and doing the right things again we are going to see that three different armies will be coming against Judah. A massive horde that could literally destroy Judah. However, Jehoshaphat doesn't go run and mobilize the army, instead he runs to the Lord this time. He knows there is no way his army could defeat this massive horde coming against them, so he goes to the One who provides salvation. 

Because Jehoshaphat, and all of Judah, humbled themselves and sought the Lord we will read about one of the most miraculous battles in the bible. Judah will not have to lift a sword, but the enemies will be utterly defeated.

We will close out our study by looking at King Jehoshaphat's replacement. His son Jehoram who was a wicked man and will die in a terribly painful way because of the evil he does, and because he would lead Judah back to worshipping idols.