2 Chronicles 22-24

Jan 31, 2024    David Clark

Tonight we are heading back into 2 Chronicles. We will be studying the 22nd-24th Chapters.

Last week our study ended pretty messy, with King Jehoram feeling the wrath of God and dying of a painful disease, in which his bowels spilled out. He was definitely not the best of Kings.

Tonight, we are going to read about the next King of Judah, Ahaziah. Ahaziah will be another wicked king and will only reign for 1 year. Jehu, will kill him for the evil that he did to the Lord's prophets. 

Next, his mother, Athaliah, takes over the throne and reigns and kills all the descendants in the line of David as retribution for her son and to solidify her reign. The only problem is that she missed one. Joash was one years old when he was taken and hidden from evil Athaliah. When he was 7 years old, it was revealed that he was still alive and he ascended and took the throne. Athalia would be put to death and Joash would reign.

Joash, started strong but would go off track in his last days, and lead Judah back into idolatry. He would kill a prophet who pronounced judgment on Judah for falling away. The prophet happened to be the son of the man who pretty much raised him. Joash would end up dying by assassination by his own people.

I know, it sounds like a crazy soap opera, but all of these things we will study tonight did happen.