Joshua 23 24

Sep 6, 2023    David Clark

Today, we are going to be finishing off the Book of Joshua by looking at the 23rd and 24th chapters.

Joshua has lived a very long time, he is 110 years of age and he has-- been there , done that, and bought the T-shirt. He has seen the best of the Israelites and he has seen the worst of the Israelites.

Joshua knows his time is short, and so we will see him call the elders and leaders together and give them some final words of wisdom. Once he has spoken to the leaders, he is going to call all the people together and walk them through how the Lord has blessed them through the years. Remembering our blessings is a very important aspect to our faith. In enumerating our blessings, and remembering how the Lord has seen us through even the most difficult situations, we are strengthened in our faith and in the promises of the Lord.

Joshua will also challenge them to cling to the Lord. He will tell them to make a decision of how they want to live-either following the Lord or following idols. He then shares with them the blessings and the curses that come with each.

He will make a covenant with the people and set up a memorial stone to remind them, and to stand as a witness to their promise. Then Joshua and Eleazar the high priest will go to be gathered to their families.