2 Chronicles 1-5 110823

Nov 8, 2023    David Clark

Tonight, we will be starting the Book of 2 Chronicles.

We will start with Solomon worshipping at Gibeon and making 1000 sacrifices on the altar to the Lord.

Next, we will see the Lord coming to Solomon at night and telling him that he could ask anything of the Lord, and it would be given to him. How in the world would we respond to that? If the Lord came to us and told us that he would grant us one request, any request, what would we ask for? 

Solomon is actually going to make a request, and it is probably not the request most of us would have probably asked for of the Lord. He also didn't do the whole "I would wish for unlimited wishes" thing either. Solomon is not known as the wisest man for nothing, his wish was right on par with the Lord's will, and what his father King David wished for him while he was living. 

Next, we will look at the preparation work for the Temple. Then the building of the Temple, and then we will see the Ark coming into the Temple and the Shekinah glory of the Lord filling the Temple.