2 Chronicles 25

Feb 7, 2024    David Clark

Tonight, we are heading back into 2 Chronicles, starting with Chapter 25. There is a lot of text, so I am not sure how far we are going to get through tonight but we will see.

In our study tonight we are going to see some okay kings, some bad kings and a really good king. We are going to see devotion to the Lord, half hearted devotion to the Lord, and full on devotion for the Lord. 

In our text tonight we will see revenge, idolatry, double-crosses, pride, leprosy, child sacrifices, hostage taking, Judah's defeat, and revival. Our text will have more twists and turns than a day time soap opera, but all of these things are historical accounts supported by archeological facts.

There is nothing new under the sun. The lessons that were taught in our text, are lessons we too can learn from and apply to our lives today.