2 Chronicles 33-36

Mar 6, 2024    David Clark

Tonight we are going to be finishing off the Book of 2 Chronicles.

We are going to be meeting a lot of different kings, and all but one of them will be wicked. Josiah is the only exception. Josiah was just a young kid when he took over as king over Judah, but he had a passion for the Lord.

King Josiah will establish great reforms in Judah and will celebrate the Passover in an amazingly well structured and passionate way. His celebration of the Passover will be legendary, and the number of animals sacrificed was astounding.

Josiah was one of the most consistent kings, as he never flirted with idols, or struggled with pride. He did have one hiccup, which we will read about that will end in his death.

We will also see a lot of kings worshipping idols. King Manasseh even made an idol and put it in the House of the Lord to worship in a very wicked way. You would expect that King Manasseh would be pummeled by the wrath of the Lord for being so wicked, but what we will see is the amazing mercy the Lord had on him because of his repentance.

We will end the Book of 2 Chronicles with a brief reference to the Babylonian captivity and the order by King Cyrus allowing the Israelites to return and rebuild the city after 490 years of desolation and captivity.