Joshua 8 071923

Jul 19, 2023

Today we will be starting and finishing the 8th Chapter in the Book of Joshua.

We are going to see Joshua lead the Israelites to victory over Ai, which previously whooped up on Israel and led to 36 Israelite casualties.

Israel's previous victory over Jericho was a miraculous victory in which the Lord used supernatural means to cause the walls of Jericho to fall. The battle with Ai, however, would be different. The Lord would create a brilliant military strategy to direct Joshua to lead the Israelites to victory through a coordinated ambush.

After the victory, Joshia will lead the Israelites to Mt Gerizim and Mt Ebal where they will offer sacrifices and have a worship service which included the blessings and curses that Moses previously spoke about.

Some of the topics we will discuss through tonight's study include:

How the Lord prepares us for victory through previous experiences and trials.

The importance of trusting and obeying the Lord at all times.

The importance of praising the Lord for our victories.

How through Christ we have the perfect and perpetual atonement for our sins.