Joshua 082323

Aug 23, 2023    David Clark

Today we are headed back into the Book of Joshua.

We are going to see the rest of the tribes receive their inheritance. Remember to bring your maps from last week, as it will assist you in visualizing where these final allotments fit into the grand scheme of things.

We will also see the Levitical cities being allotted, as well as, the cities of refuge being scattered throughout the land.

We are also going to see Joshua getting his own allotment from the people of Israel. Joshua will request a specific city to reside. Joshua will first wait until all the other tribes receive their allotment first before receiving his, like a good servant leader.

Do you think Joshua received a nice little piece of land by the seaside where he could just kick back, eat bon-bons' and retire?

Throughout the study we will continue to see the prophetic blessings of Jacob being lived out in the land that the remaining tribes receive as their inheritance.