Joshua 22 083023

Aug 30, 2023    David Clark

Today we will be heading back into the Book of Joshua. Over the past few weeks our studies have been going at a pretty blistering pace as we looked at three or four chapters in one night. That will change tonight, as we will be slowing things down and looking at just one chapter.

In our text we will see that the land has been divided amongst the tribes, the Levitical cities, and cities of refuge have been named, and Joshua has taken his own portion within his tribe. However, there was still something that needed to be done. Those 2 1/2 tribes that came and fought for their brothers, even though their territory was East of the Jordan, were still at Shiloh waiting for the call from Joshua that they could go home.

The 2 1/2 tribes will finally get the call to go home, but their return is anything but uneventful. Not long after they got home they would suddenly be facing potential war with the nine 1/2 tribes on the west side of the Jordan. The reason for this potential war is the same reason that many marriages end, friendships end, churches split, and why often relationships within families become distant and cold.

What is that reason?