Mark 11 070923

Jul 9, 2023    David Clark

Today we will be finishing off the 11th Chapter of the Gospel of Mark.

We will start out looking at Jesus returning to the temple during the Passover celebration. When He came into the temple He saw a whole lot of wrong. People were selling animals to travelers to make sacrifices and charging exorbitant rates. He saw the money changers making money hand-over first for converting money to temple dollars. He saw the whole Court of Gentiles, the only place they could come and worship, turned into a circus. So Jesus decides to take matters into His own hands and turn over the tables of the folks making money off of the sacrificial system. I imagine this was quite a surprise to the disciples.

Next we will see the fig tree Jesus cursed earlier. It was withered to the root. Jesus uses this as an opportunity to discuss faith and overcoming obstacles. Though many in the "Name it and claim it" camp would try to twist and misinterpret this bit of Scripture.

Then we will close out the chapter seeing the religious leaders, yet again, trying to trap Jesus with a question about His authority. Jesus will turn this around on the religious leaders and leave them scratching their heads.