Mark 14 090223

Sep 3, 2023    David Clark

Today we are going to be reading back into the 14th Chapter in the Gospel of Mark, and then partaking of Communion together as a church.

We will be looking at Jesus's last night with the disciples before He is betrayed, and turned over to be crucified. We will be looking at the Last Supper, as Jesus celebrates Passover with His disciples.

We are going to see Jesus tell the disciples that someone in the room with them would betray Him. At this revelation, each disciple is going to look around the room and ask if they would be the one that would betray Him.

We are going to close out our text with Jesus telling the disciples that each one of them will scatter and abandon Him. Peter, of course, tries to correct Jesus and tell Him that He would never abandon Him. Jesus then reveals that Peter would in fact abandon Him and deny Him three times before the rooster crows twice.

Again Peter vehemently denies that he would do this and got the other disciples worked up to where each of them said they too would never abandon Him. However, we know the rest of the story. Jesus is never wrong and the disciples will indeed abandon Jesus, and Peter will deny even knowing Jesus three times before the rooster crowed twice.

Our text this morning may create some questions for each of us, such as:

Why would Jesus choose Judas if He knew that He would betray Him?

Why would Peter try to correct Jesus again, knowing that he is never wrong?

Why does my bible portray a different picture of the Last Supper, than the picture of the Last Supper painted by Leonardo De Vinci?