Mark 13-14 082723

Aug 27, 2023    David Clark

Today we will be finishing off the 13th Chapter in the Book of Mark, and starting the 14th Chapter.

In the 13th Chapter we are going to be looking at 2 parables to close out the discussion on the return of Christ and the end of times. Jesus will use the imagery of a fig tree to remind us that there will be signs to demonstrate that the end of times is near. Then He will use the parable of the man going on a journey to remind us that there is no way of discerning the time of the rapture of the Church.

Then we will switch gears when we move into chapter 14 and get back to the plot to kill Jesus. We will also see a nice dinner in which a woman will sacrificially pour perfume over Jesus's head to prepare Him for burial. This sacrificial demonstration of love will be met with criticism by some of the disciples. However, Jesus will shut that down quickly and tell the disciples that her act of love will be proclaimed throughout the world.

We will close out our text by seeing Judas making the decision to betray Jesus to the chief priests.

As we unpack our text tomorrow morning we will cover 2 controversial verses. " Which controversial verses?" you ask.