Mark 7 043023

Apr 30, 2023    David Clark

Today we are going to finish up the 7th Chapter of the Gospel of Mark, and then dip our toes in the 8th Chapter.

Our text might elicit some interesting conflicting emotions. It may lead some to say "Ewww, thats gross" and others may say "Jesus didn't really say that did He'?

We will start out tomorrow morning by reading about Jesus and the Syrophenician woman. Jesus will be leaving Israelite territory to encounter a woman whose lineage made her hated by most Jewish people. Without context, we might read this encounter and think "Wow, that time Jesus was mean." However, our context will help us to understand the purpose and nature of Jesus's words.

We will then read about the healing of the man who was deaf and had a speech impediment. In this text we will see Jesus performing this healing in a particularly unusual way. You will understand when you read it.

Then we will finish our text with the feeding of the 4000. No, not the feeding of the 5000 but the feeding of the 4000, different miracle, different location, different results etc.