Mark 6:1-29 022623

Feb 26, 2023    David Clark

Today, we are going to be starting the 6th Chapter of the Gospel of Mark.

Have you ever returned home after a long period of time for a class reunion or wedding? It just never seems to be the same. In our text this morning we are going to see Jesus returning home to preach in the Synagogue, only to find that his friends from His youth were just not the same. To be fair, He didn't seem to be the saw Jesus they knew either.

Next, we are going to see Jesus sending out the disciples in two to preach repentance. They would be going from disciples to apostles. They were to take nothing with them but a staff, and the clothes on their back. They were to learn through experience that the victory belongs to the Lord. That the Lord is their source of strength, and provisions.

Then we will close out with a very strange story about Herod. Every time I read it, for some reason, banjo's music plays in my head. In this bit of text, we will see incestuous relationships, a severed head, and a poor young girl named Salome, who will be treated as a pawn in her parents' little game of chess. 

Was Jesus truly unable to do any miracles in Nazareth?

What's the deal with the whole severed head on a platter thing?

Why was Herodias so upset at John the Baptist?

Did Jesus ever meet Herod?