050723 Mark 8

May 7, 2023    David Clark

Today we are heading back into the 8th Chapter of the Gospel of Mark. We will also be taking communion together as a family.

Today we will see those pesky Pharisees again. They will find Jesus and begin to argue with him, demanding a sign from Heaven that He was in fact the Messiah. Jesus is gonna have none of that and just walks away from them leaving them with no one to argue with but themselves. Saints, sometimes that is the best thing we can do when someone simply wants to argue with us, and will not listen to reason, just walk away.

Next we will see the disciples worried about having enough bread. They will completely misunderstand a warning Jesus gives about the leaven of the Pharisees and Herod and instead focus on the fact that they only brought one loaf of bread with them for the journey. Jesus is going to provide some pretty direct words about how the disciples were still not looking and hearing with spiritual minds and eyes.

Then we will close out our text with Jesus healing a blind man. This healing is also another unusual healing, not like last week where Jesus put His finger in the guy's ears and put His spit on His tongue, but He is going to spit on a guy's eyes. This is one of the miraculous healings that many debate. Jesus will lay hands on the man twice to restore his sight. Some of the questions we will address about this healing are:  

Why did Jesus have to lay His hands on the man twice?

Did Jesus just not have enough power to heal the man by laying His hands on him once?

SPOILER ALERT******* Jesus has unlimited power.