Mark 9 052823

May 28, 2023    David Clark

Today we will be continuing our study in the 9th Chapter of the Gospel of Mark.

We are going to see a father who has lost all hope, as time and time again he is disappointed by those that said that they could heal his son but couldn't. Even the disciples tried to remove the unclean spirit from him but failed.

Why couldn't the disciples cast out the demon from this father's son? I mean, they had cast out demons before when Jesus sent them out in pairs. These are the disciples after all, the ones who have walked and learned for Jesus for three years.

Jesus will share with us that the reason why they could not cast out this unclean spirit is because the disciples had neglected certain areas of their spiritual walk.

Saints these are good words for us as life is so hectic, so busy that oftentimes we find ourselves neglecting our own spiritual disciplines. The easy thing to cut out when our schedule is already overcrowded are things like: prayer, bible study, fasting, fellowship with believers. However, these spiritual disciplines are what empower us and fill us so that we have the power and disposition to be able to get through the busy schedule and maintain our Christian witness.