Mark 5:21-43 021823

Feb 19, 2023    David Clark

Tomorrow we will be finishing off the 5th Chapter of the Gospel of Mark.

In our text we will be reading 2 healings. 

The first healing is of the woman with the issue of bleeding for 12 years, who is miraculously healed by touching the robe of Jesus in faith.

The second healing is of Jairus's daughter. Jairus was the ruler of the synagogue, whose 12 year old daughter is dying. 

Both of these healings demonstrated different levels of faith, but both levels of faith found healing. We will unpack some of the similarities and differences between these healings.

We will answer some of the following questions about these healings:

Why would Jesus call out the woman who touched His robe instead of just letting her be healed and go on her way?

Did Jesus really not know who touched Him and received healing?

Why did Jesus go with Jairus to his home instead of just healing her by His Word?

Who was in Jesus' inner circle?

Was healing just for back then?

Is faith the only requirement for us to be healed?