Mark 8 051423

May 14, 2023    David Clark

Today we will be headed back into the 8th Chapter of the Gospel of Mark. We will close out the chapter and just barely dip our toes into the 9th chapter.

Our text for tomorrow is definitely some challenging text. Jesus will remind us of what is required for those that truly follow the Lord. I read this text and it reminds me of what we too often forget: The Lord requires something of us if we truly want to be followers of Christ.

I think too many folks in the world think that all we have to do is come down some center aisle of a church and say a few words and we are saved with no additional responsibility in the matter. In our text tomorrow morning, Jesus will plainly tell us that He expects more from us as Christians. 

We are also going to see poor Peter sticking his foot in his mouth, immediately after receiving a gold star for finally getting an answer right.

Our text tomorrow is some of my favorite text and I know that you will be challenged and encouraged.